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Influence Audit Zoom Session

What You'll Get During Your Call:

  1. Together we'll unlock what you need. We'll focus on what you're working on... rather than giving you MORE to do!
  2. Option to get feedback + tips on #1 chosen social media platform to boost your level of influence. 
  3. Insights and influence strategies you can use with the important people in your circle. 
  4. A JUMP start on creating more influence. 
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Moving forward with goals, aspirations and dreams requires us to to lean in - hard. It requires Choice, Creativity, stretching to gain Clarity and improving Competence to name a few... 

That is what the Influence Audit is all about. 

The Influence Audit is NOT a sales call or pitch. The aim is to provide an experience - with value that you can use immediately.

Who Is This For

You're an entrepreneur seeking to level up

✓ You're highly ambitious, have a BIG vision and a fire in your belly to get it done

✓ You know leadership of others can accelerate your business and overall success,

✓ You're committed to do the work, which likely includes stretching outside your comfort zone,  

✓ You are prepared to invest the time and money required in worthwhile endeavors to GET the RESULTS you seek. 

I Believe...

Knowing what someone values, speaks volumes. Here are mine... 

  • Quality conversations matter – take time to listen with heart (not sympathy).

  • Share your unique expertise – diversity of perspective provides tremendous value.

  • Lead by example – model that which you wish to see.

  • Think big and have fundream beyond past experience

  • Plan for efficiency, flow with adversity – preparation smooths challenges.

  • Take the risk to be creative – innovation is uncertain. 

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