Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are your typical clients?
I work with entrepreneurs and leaders of others. That has included:

  • coaches and consultants
  • small business owners (clothing designers) 
  • HR professionals  

I've also worked with leaders in corporate, since that is where my career started, I understand their environment as well. 

What are your specialties?
Before I had my own business I worked in marketing-communication roles for 15 years. I also taught Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication as an adjunct professor, authored a book and got certified in yoga and nutrition. I'd say my specialties include: brand positioning, video production, writing, storytelling, public speaking, strategic thinking, coaching, problem solving and getting tangible results. 

Are you a business coach? 
While I don't lead with that label, it has been suggested to me that is what I do with clients.

I'm a creative thinker and doer. I help you problem solve. 

I know, from going up with an entrepreneurial family, that small business owners have struggles and a boost in the right direction can do wonders!

And from my own path, as a consultant  -- there are challenges we must tackle and we increase our success with an advocate who's on our side. So, that is my aim... to advocate for you and your business. I bring my thinking and resources to help you problem solve for your brand and business. 

Do you offer workshops and training?
Yes, I do.

I specialize in storytelling for leaders because there is an art and science to why stories influence better than ANY other tactic. 

As a leader, you need people on board with your direction. Stories do that. 

With the network of instructional designers, event producers and facilitators I have I can help you customize your desired training to fit your team's needs.

How can we make your team perform as impact players

How do you prefer to deliver training (virtual or in person)? 
In today's environment, with so many working remotely and teams spread across the country, it is not always feasible to be in person. Whether virtual or in-person, or hybrid, sharing a learning experience can bond teams as well as help them up skill. I know we can build and engaging program for your desired impact.   

Who are some clients you've worked with in the past? 
Sometimes clients come direct from a company and other times it's through partner consultant collaborations. A few of my clients and collaborators have included:

Palm Beach County government, Clarion Partners, WiseTribe, Good Vibrations Music Company, and via: Ward Certified (a national insurance provider), and via PPL Coach (a privately held health software company.)   

What matters most to you? 

With a focus on brand, I believe our values help guide our businesses.  

I value: 

  • Quality conversations – I take time to listen.
  • Elevate your uniqueness – each of us brings a unique perspective. I help you find your brilliance and shine a light on it.
  • Lead by example – I aim to model that which I wish to see.
  • Think big and have fun – dream beyond past experience. 
  • Plan for efficiency, flow with adversity – preparation smooths challenges.
  • Take the risk to be creative – innovation is uncertain.