October 2022 - I had great (and FUN) conversation with Angie Giltner of "The Girl with the Purple Hair" Podcast where women  entrepreneurs share tips & tricks to build a thriving business. 

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February 2022 - Beauty Through Tragedy Resilience Summit 
Our topic:  
How being good isn't always "good" for the entrepreneurial path, living your values, my idea of coaching and more! 


January 2022 - Hard Core Marketing Podcast with Casey Cheshire
Our topic: Busting a marketing myth: It's not all about building a large audience-- it's about creating meaning on a personal level to individuals. Apply this to branding, promotions, networking and other contexts. I provide some tips...  

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March 30, 2021 - US People Podcast with Savia Rocks
Our topic: Growing up in Iowa, power, stories and curiosity. Such a great interviewer. Thank you, Savia! 

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February 10, 2021 - Business in Board Shorts  
Our topic: Being an ocean fan, CT asked me about hurricanes in Florida and then we got to the storm of my last corporate job. Finally, what do I really do as a Communication Coach-sultant.  

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