Helping You Voice Your Views... 

I help small business entrepreneurs as well as human resource leaders as their:  

Thinking Partner & Coach

 Doing more public speaking and want to level up? You need professional stories. Stories help you become a more influential leader. Stories enhance your on-camera video presentations. What professional stories are you telling?
2 OPTIONS: One 2-hour block of coaching to tackle one specific challenge --
OR-- a 3-month engagement for bigger goals. FIND OUT IF COACHING IS FOR YOU.

Animated Explainer Video Creator 

The only way to persuade is through story. It’s why the wildly successful leadership book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, is written as a “fable.” When you create characters with emotion it moves people into action, changing their mind and then their behavior. LET'S DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT.

Voice Over Artist   

Need to turn your book into an audiobook? Create e-learning materials for your company?
Want to level up your podcast with a separate voice who introduces you and your sponsors?  
You’ll need a voice over artist. I can help. LET'S CREATE YOUR PROJECT

Training Facilitator

The people in your organization are the most valuable (and complex) asset you have!  Audience is key. That's why I facilitate trainings instead of give lectures.
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Hi, I’m Kery Knutson... communication coach,   video storyteller and voice over artist!

You have many stories already...
I help you ensure they are compelling stories, told in a way that moves others into action! 

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