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Get a clear path to increase SUCCESS with your next LAUNCH

Need a new offer to promote? No Problem! Let's create it... 

We will kickstart your campaign together and you'll get endorsements from me to expand your reach!  

  • Hosting an upcoming workshop or event?  
  • Launching a new service?      
  • Maybe you've started your podcast?
  • Need to launch a book
  • Ready to promote your online show or series?
  • Have a new offer... or need to create one?  

Let's Promote You Together!

Getting started with promotion can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. I will help you break it down into a few simple steps.   

 Co-creating together we'll position your next launch for more success with little to ZERO marketing budget!  

Step 1: Book It! 

Reserve your seat to create focus with an expert in increasing visibility.

Step 2: Get Your Guide 

After payment, you'll receive an email with a GUIDE to download. Fill it out before our first Zoom creative session..

Step 3: Create Magic! 

Bring your ideas! We'll collaborate in creating your promotion strategy for optimal reach and ROI. Add our first meeting to your calendar!  

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “You are incredible... the speed of your imagination and creativity blows me away. You are very, VERY GOOD at this -- thank you.”

    Ex Stockbroker Human Potential Optimiser at EVERWELL

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “I am rolling out a coaching business and was having a hard time trying to promote both the business and a coaching program.
    I came away with a clear plan of how to weave those together... This session dramatically improved my understanding of what goes into successfully promoting a program, and I highly recommend you reach out to Kery if you are finding any challenges around promotion for your own business!”

    Director, School of Musical Traditions

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “I really love the process (of the promo planning session) and the plan we created is very do-able!”

    Founder, Athena Village

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “Kery opened up a side of me that now I cannot stop! She gave me the confidence and support I needed to get out there. She also was not afraid to call me out on my fears or anything that was limiting my potential. Today, it is essential to build your personal brand online and let the world know about you. [Kery] has the magic touch.”

    Agile Professional

A few words from clients who chose this service:

"I got a full promo schematic (to overcome overwhelm)... it was fun!"

Robin Gargano, Author/Coach/Resiliency Summit Creator 

"In one session I developed an offer...got clear on who it's for, what challenges it solves, what are the deliverables and a promo plan!" 

Nat Lipecka, High Performance Coach at EVERWELL

"[Kery] got me on a path to launching a new idea." 

-Merri Guggisberg, MKG Parent Coach

"I highly recommend Kery for anything you need marketing or promoting wise."  

-Deb Schell, Find Calm Here Community & Podcast 

Hi I'm Kery... and I'm a communicator and promoter :) 

I want to TALK YOU UP and help you spread the word about the great things you do!  

Marketing has been my "jam" for 15+ years and I've been focused on coaching for the last five. Previously, I taught Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication as an adjunct professor and even wrote a book. Promotion is about creating influence -which happens consistently over time. And in the distracted world in which we live, that part can be TOUGH!  

That's why I created this special program - to help you get improved results for your next launch!  


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

If you are a professional service business owner like a solo-prenuer,  coach or consultant then this will be perfect for you! Ensure your next launch will be a successful one and not one to disappoint and deflate you. 

How long does it take?

On average, filling out the guide takes 1 hour (or more) on average. We set aside 2 hours for our first Zoom campaign session. The second Campaign kickoff Zoom is 1 hour. 

Are you a business coach?

While I don't define myself with that label, much of the marketing focus I help clients with revolves around business. However, I'm a firm believer in that we are whole people (life and business) together in each sector of our lives so both areas often come into focus in our work together. 

What else do you offer?

I also help business owners like you reposition their brand to leverage impact at: http://Brandanewyou.com  In addition, I offer 3-month coaching engagements to creative, multi-talented entrepreneurs to help them expand possibilities in their business and more.  

If you found me on PromoteYouNow.com, check out the blog with topics on Influence, Promotion and Effective Communication: UpLevelC.com/blog