Entering a new phase of your Business?

Is Your Business Changing? 

Are you asking yourself, "Who am I now?"

Want to expand, focus, elevate your coaching business? 

But feel stuck and overwhelmed in how to do it?  

It may be time to Brand a New You! 

If you still have questions after reviewing this page, jump on my calendar and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have...

  • Need to tie together multiple aspects of your business? 
  • Need to present yourself as a brand, in a new way? 
  • Need to show up as the leader you know you truly are?
  • Starting a new chapter in business?  
  • Need to position yourself with elevated expertise?
  • Stepping into a new arena in business?  

Together, we can Brand a NEW You!

No one said you had to be one thing FOREVER. Businesses have phases. We evolve.

Going through a big change in business, can be challenging. You may feel like a fraud or impostor.
You may question if you can really do this or if you belong.
I help you leverage the FULL potential of your business so you can present it with confidence and clarity. 

Step 1: Commit to Change 

Get fired up! Reserve your spot and you'll receive an email to schedule your 
Phase 1 Zoom collaborative call.  

Step 2: Deep Discovery 

In Phase 2 we will take a walk in your customer's shoes... together! 

Step 3: Strategy + Action 

Make it actionable! In Phase 3 we co-create your plan to ensure your brand is part of the meaning economy! 

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “Kery appeared at the perfect moment for me as I was transitioning my business focus. She kept me on point, focused and on track and with many breakthrough moments that allowed me to truly recognize where I was resisting (vs the marketplace) and how to honor and bust through. Smart and capable and highly recommended. ”

    Career Architect & Executive Mentor

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “You are incredible... the speed of your imagination and creativity blows me away. You are very, VERY GOOD at this -- thank you.”

    Ex Stockbroker Human Potential Optimiser at EVERWELL

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “Kery truly helped me clarify my message. She is not only an expert at messaging ...she’s also fun, efficient and genuine. My client meeting was a success and I’m moving that client from “prospect” to “new client.” I would highly recommend Kery at uplevelc.com”

    President at Jean Anderson Management Co.

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “Kery is a charismatic coach that sees the best in others and helps them see it and achieve it. She is an excellent listener able to draw our insights and make connections... If you want more out of your job, life or day, choose Kery.”

    Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Consultant

What clients say about the: UpLevel Branding Experience 

"I really enjoyed working with Kery, it exceeded my expectations."

Rebecca,, Apparel Designer & Entrepreneur  

"The UpLevel Branding Experience has been game changing." 

Nat Lipecka, Ex-Stockbroker & Coach for Move Makers

How do you know if The Brand UpLevel Experience is for you?  

•Your business is experiencing a big change. 
•You are adding or removing products/services. 
•You feel a lack clarity in your direction forward
•You noticed you are losing clients to competitors.  
•You have noticed you're not converting clients. 
•Your method to create new business just not working.   
•You feel if you could work “ON” your business with a collaborator (not just “IN” the daily grind) it would help move you forward with greater confidence and strength. 

If any one of these apply, you will greatly benefit from The Brand UpLevel Experience

Ready to transform?

Hi I'm Kery... and I speak brand.  

I have created multiple brands, supported many brands and written in multiple brand voices!  

I see "brand" in every conversation I have with business owners. Opportunities to tell a brand's story are everywhere (in my eyes). And I want to help you tie your multi-talented self together to enhance your brand and business. 

Branding is about positioning yourself in a way that influences others to help shape their ideas and feelings. At it's core, it's about effective communication!  

Previously, I worked in marketing-communication roles for 15 years. I taught Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication as an adjunct professor and wrote and self-published a book. 

Now, in The Brand UpLevel Experience, I help multi-talented, self-branded business owners like you, brand and position yourself for bigger impact! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

If you are a small business owner going through a shift/change and you feel you need to pivot, expand and strategize this will be a catalyst for greater clarity and focus.
And if you're a professional service provider such as a coach or consultant (like me) then this will be ideal for you!     

How long does it take?

The methodology is delivered in a 3-Phase process. There are parts we do together live on Zoom and one part you do on your own and submit to me for review and input. For each of the 2 Zoom calls, we allow for 2 hours. 

What if my rebrand is more personal?

I am of the mindset that we cannot separate our personal and professional lives. We are who we are - with our whole selves in both places. That said, while this program is geared toward business we can apply it to our personal brand as well.  

In what other ways do you work?

Great question! I work with many professionals and business owners to make them UNFORGETTABLE.  Sometimes it's to develop their presentation skills, or use storytelling to create animated explainer videos or enhance their own on-camera presence, for a few examples. 

It's all about what communication challenges you are facing now and what you'd like to achieve. If you're curious about how I might help you, email me direct at: consultkery@uplevelc.com   

If you found me on BrandANewYou.com, check out my blog at: UpLevelC.com/blog to get to know me a bit more...