If you’re a visionary leader who wants to move to your next level, you need a shift…
I help you transform your results by becoming a person of influence.

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About You...

  • You want to improve your ability to influence others.

  • You want more of your clients to be loyal.

  • At times, you feel conflicted between your personal- and professional-self.

  • You have a big vision but find yourself stuck in the daily grind.   

  • You are tired of the lack of accountability in others (clients, team). 

    You need others to perform at their best in your self-branded business! 

 If you are... 

  • A Business Owner: As a leader in your work/business/life you are a long-time professional... and now you're ready to move others into action. 

  • An Entrepreneur with a Message: You have an important point of view to share and are ready to leverage your uniqueness.

  • Self-Branded Business: And you need your people to deliver and meet your standards. 

  • A Go-Getter: You're not interested in the status quo. You're ready to be a leader and stand out!

  • A Change Agent: You recognize your struggles make you an asset, now you need to influence and inspire others to be their best. 

  • A Heart-Led Leader: You lead with passion and commitment, you've got heart and you want to leverage that in the best way.   

You are not alone...

Let me tell you now I know...

Hi I'm Kery Knutson, founder of UpLevel Consulting.

In most of my roles in corporate America I had little status. Even when I earned my Director-level title, I still had limited direct authority. But marketing being what it is, I had to wield influence. I had to get people on board with my cause even if they didn't care about it and frankly, had better things to do. 

So I influenced... I persuaded and I got what I needed out of them. And most of the time, it was with a smile on their face. 

The biggest, most complex denominator in all business -- both small and large -- are the people. 

If you can master the art of influence with others (and in a heart-led way) you'll get so much more out of your business. Now, that's power

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UpLevel Consulting

“I had the pleasure of working with Kery on many projects. It is my pleasure to give her a 5 star recommendation.”

CEO, Good Vibrations Music Co.

UpLevel Consulting

“Kery opened up a side of me that now I cannot stop! She gave me the confidence and support I needed to get out there. She also was not afraid to call me out on my fears or anything that was limiting my potential. Today, it is essential to build your personal brand online and let the world know about you. [Kery] has the magic touch.”

Agile Professional

UpLevel Consulting

“Kery appeared at the perfect moment for me as I was transitioning my business focus. She kept me on point, focused and on track and with many breakthrough moments that allowed me to truly recognize where I was resisting... One of the biggest take aways was Kery's ability to understand marketing through video which truly allowed me to take the leap to online videos...! Truly brilliant in her ability to lead with videos.... highly recommended.”

Career Coach

One more thing you may find valuable...  

In 2018, I became an author. I wrote and self-published my book in 4 months from blank page to hard copy. 


Through the expertise, accountability and resilience you get from a coaching program. And it's one reason why I do the work I do today... it provides tangible results.