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  • UpLevel Consulting

    “Kery is an excellent communicator and a great business parter to work with! She gave a clear outline of the overview video for my company, executed very quickly, was receptive to feedback, and (most importantly) produced an awesome video!!”


    Managing Partner, Pineapple Consulting Firm

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “I was so surprised (and pleased) when Kery’s first version of the video was better than I had expected for the final version…
    Kery’s attention to detail was impressive, from incorporating the colors we use for our branding to improving on the phrases I shared with her. And the project was finished much faster than I imagined possible.
    Those who have seen the video have remarked that they need to keep watching it until the end. That’s the magic of storytelling. I’m looking forward to working with Kery on our second video.”


    Founding Partner, Galligan Manning, Legacy Lawyers

  • UpLevel Consulting

    “As a former trainer and speaker coach I have always valued storytelling. What I didn't know was, how to do that in a fun way that feels authentic and natural for me. Kery helped me construct a story that is simple, [and] speaks to the heart of how I help my ideal clients...
    Her process was well thought out, [and] took a minimal amount of my time. It was really a fun process. I'm delighted to say, it was kind of like getting a tattoo, now I want another one!”


    Founder & Virtual Event Producer