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Become Unforgettable

 As Neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza noted,
“Nerve cells that fire together, wire together.”  And that's what moves people into action.   

I want to be Unforgettable

When you want to be remembered, you need a compelling and influential story.  
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About You...

  • You want to stand out as unique 
  • You need to train and onboard (staff or clients) 
  • You want to elevate your presentation(s) 
  • You want to engage your audience & be remembered

  • You need to unravel which story is best to tell & how
  • You need assets you can use again and again...
Kery at RedBanyan
If you are a... 

Small Business Owner or a Leader of Others 

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UpLevel Consulting

“I had the pleasure of working with Kery on many projects. It is my pleasure to give her a 5 star recommendation.”

CEO, Good Vibrations Music Co.

UpLevel Consulting

“Kery opened up a side of me that now I cannot stop! She gave me the confidence and support I needed to get out there. She also was not afraid to call me out on my fears or anything that was limiting my potential. Today, it is essential to build your personal brand online and let the world know about you. [Kery] has the magic touch.”

Agile Professional

UpLevel Consulting

“Kery appeared at the perfect moment for me as I was transitioning my business focus. She kept me on point, focused and on track and with many breakthrough moments that allowed me to truly recognize where I was resisting... One of the biggest take aways was Kery's ability to understand marketing through video which truly allowed me to take the leap to online videos...! Truly brilliant in her ability to lead with videos.... highly recommended.”

Career Coach