Supporting Business Goals with STORY Video

Welcome to VIRTUAL video production:
No in-person video shoots necessary...
It's your Custom Video, yet you don't need to be on camera! 

Instead, we focus on the message first. Scripting the right story, aimed at your outcome goals. 

Types of Videos Businesses Need Now... 

  • Prospecting videos: Illustrate your true value for your ideal client with story
  • Set expectations: Answer "this is why we work this way" and why it's better
  • Onboarding videos: Your step-by-step process, supported with a video series.  
  • Training videos: Teach new concepts and gain buy-in. Use video to leverage micro-learning. 

Animated Videos for Brand Story  

The best way to persuade is through story. We find your most important stories, script them and produce animated videos so you have tools to convey important messages.   
Market Your Brand Story  

Video Series for Businesses Education & Onboarding

Training clients (and staff) on the ways you operate happens over time, that's when a series is valuable. Use video to educate and onboard others.    

Microlearning Video Series 

Storytelling Coach for Public Speaking 

Want to stand out when you speak in front of a group?
You need professional stories! Stories help you influence.  

90-Minutes to Elevate Your Next Talk

Elevate in 8 Weeks


Voice Over Artist

Need to create e-learning materials for your company? Want to level up your podcast with another voice?
Hire a voice over artist.  

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Hi, I’m Kery Knutson... communication coach,   video storyteller and voice over artist!

You have many stories already...
I help you ensure they are memorable for your audience.  

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