If you are...

  • A small business owner  

  • A leader of others

Then you will 100% benefit from...

  • Improving your presentation skills.
  • Learning the elements of influence.  
  • Understanding how stories (not just public speaking) move people into action.
  • Creating tools that allow you to more effectively onboard and enroll others in what you are doing. 

Hi, I'm Kery Knutson (phonetically: Kerie Canoe-t-sun). 

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family I witnessed both trials and triumphs of owning a business. And to be perfectly frank, being an entrepreneur scared me! So, for more than 15 years I worked in:

  • corporate 

  • government 

  • nonprofit and

  • higher education. 

In all of these roles, I was a writer and storyteller. I wrote corporate communications, press releases, newsletters, city communications, product copy, video scripts, PSAs, creative promotional campaign materials and many more. 

I see stories everywhere and I've researched their power to engage, connect and influence

As a communication coach and consultant I help you  find the story you need to tell right now. I'm your thinking partner, strategist and creative coach to telling your story in the most compelling way possible.   

That's a bit of my story. I'd love to know yours... Drop me a line and share your journey


Video storytelling brings people into your world... here's a snapshot of mine -> 

Build Your Influence: Get Started on Your Story!

In 2018, I became a published storyteller as an author.  

I went from blank page to hard copy in 4 months. How? 

With a coach. Coaching provides tangible results!

What story are you telling now?