You are...

  • An Entrepreneur 

  • Business Owner

  • A Professional

...who has been called to create something bigger than the status quo. And to do it, you'll need others on your side. You need mastery of influence.

  • You are striving to be a leader in your market... but there are so many daily fires to put out.   

  • You want to create a movement... but you're having trouble getting others on board.  

  • You are directing others daily... but it's exhausting because they just don't listen. 

  • You want more joy of your business... but when they don't follow through on your brand promise, joy is lost.

  • You'd like to be doing video to promote and hire for... but you lack clarity and need on-camera confidence. 



Hi, I'm Kery Knutson (phonetically: Kerie Canoe-t-sun). 

I know what it's like to work hard -- and feel like you just can't get ahead and out of the daily grind. 

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family I witnessed both trials and triumphs of owning your own business. And to be perfectly frank, it scared me! The experience made me seek stability, security and what I thought would be happiness and fulfillment in my work life. 

What I found as I navigated through my career was that it wasn't about finding the right fit but rather creating the right fit. 

Part of that creation involves leading -- either with or without direct authority. That's influence. Whether you're an entrepreneur, director, or any other leader of people, the success of your business lies in how well you can master the art of influence. Not only for your business but for every other aspect of your life that is connected.  

That's a bit of my story. I'd love to know yours... Drop me a line and share a bit about your journey