If you are...

  • A small business owner  

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Coach or Consultant 

Then you will 100% benefit from...

  • Improving your presentation skills.
  • Learning storytelling to influence.  
  • Understanding how stories move people into action.
  • Creating tools that allow you to more effectively onboard and enroll others in what you are doing. 

Hi, I'm Kery Knutson (phonetically: Kerie Canoe-t-sun). 

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family I witnessed both trials and triumphs of owning a business. And to be perfectly frank, being an entrepreneur scared me! So, for more than 15 years I worked in:

  • corporate 

  • government 

  • nonprofit and

  • higher education. 

In all of these roles, I was a writer and storyteller. I wrote corporate communications, press releases, newsletters, city communications, product copy, video scripts, PSAs, creative promotional campaign materials and many more. 

I see stories everywhere and I've researched their power to engage, connect and influence

As a communication coach I help you  find the stories you need to tell right now. I'm your thinking partner, strategist and creative coach so you can tell your story in the most compelling way.   

That's a bit of my story. I'd love to know yours... Drop me a line and share your journey

Video storytelling brings people into your world... here's a look into mine. 
Build Your Influence: Get Started on Your Story!

In 2018, I became a published storyteller as an author.  

I went from blank page to hard copy in 4 months. How? 

With a coach. Coaching provides tangible results!

What story are you telling now?