Professional Services are Crowded!

Clients have so many choices...
whether you are a lawyer, a CPA, a chiropractor, offer home services or anything else in professional services it's important to 
stand out as unique.

You can do that with an elevated onboarding process! 

You want to: 

  • Get more good referrals
  • Retain customers (and employees) 
  • Educate to reduce misconceptions about your industry/company 
  • Save time and cut down on customer service calls 
  • Explain why you are different! 

Animated video is an excellent way to do so! 

Hi, I'm Kery Knutson (phonetically: Kerie Canoe-t-sun). I created UpLevel to improve communication because I see missed opportunities when misunderstandings happen.  

For more than 15 years I worked in:

  • corporate 

  • government 

  • nonprofit and

  • higher education. 

In all of these roles, I was a writer and storyteller. I wrote corporate communications, press releases, newsletters, city communications, product copy, video scripts, PSAs, promotional campaign materials and many more types of communications. 

Stories have such power to engage, connect and influence

That's why I help you find the right (business) stories to tell and map them to your outcome goals.  

If you've ever done a DiSC assessment (to find out your behavioral style) you may understand when I tell you I'm a C-style. That means I am analytical, precise and systematic

Those qualities make me a great asset to you as a thinking partner, strategist and video creator. 

That's a bit of my story. I'd love to know yours... Drop me a line and share your journey

Video storytelling brings people into your world... here's a look into mine. 
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