Facilitated Training for Teams
and Groups

Communication is a two-way street. It's circular, not linear. That's why I facilitate trainings instead of give lectures. 

Being a coach is a great asset when it comes to facilitating trainings because coaching is about meeting people where they are now and helping them reach their next level. 

Kery at RedBanyan

Topics of Previous Trainings: 

Simply put, facilitated trainings are all about the audience. It always starts with "Who will be there? What are their biggest challenges? How can I put myself in their shoes?" I customize every program to meet the objectives of the client.
And to give some context here are few topics I know have impact:  

  • Win-Win Communication Skills
  • Workplace Conflict: Overcome it and Strengthen Relationships
  • Public Speaking for Work: Be an Impact Player
  • Written Business Communication: Be Effective in Email 
    What does your team need? We can create it together! 

FEEDBACK from participants:

  • "Make [this class] mandatory. Loved it!"
  • "I will definitely use [what I learned] in my department … [and] try sharing it with others."
  • "Very helpful techniques I plan on being able to use in the workplace."
  • "I learned a lot and got a much-need refresher on skills…I wish I had brought someone from my team."
  • "I will use these [techniques] for future conflicts at work." 
  • "Always enjoy Kery’s classes. She has a wonderful energy and asks for feedback from us."
  • "She was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Great pacing."
  • "I loved this training. Very interesting group and a great facilitator. Learned a lot."
  • "Great presenter – very interactive; real life."
  • "Kery took [the] right approach to teach."

Curious How Facilitated Training 
Can Help Your Team Level Up?

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