Choose Your Words Wisely: They are Your Brand

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Words have power. They can create. They can destroy. This is as evident historically as much as it is today. They are the key tool used to influence.

When it comes to business, the mark of an influential brand is when it’s gets woven into the fabric of our lives through language. For example, do you search things online or do you Google them? Do you send overnight packages, or do you FedEx it? When you hear, save 15% in 15 minutes or less, you know it’s a Geico commercial.

These brand-associated words and phrases influence us as consumers. And as brands ourselves, we can create our own brand language to carve out a place for us in the lives of those we serve.   

For me at UpLevel, I create experiences for leaders so they can reach beyond their current beliefs, embrace a heart-led style, and reach their next level as a brand.

As I have worked with clients over the years, I have developed my own brand language (below). As you glance through it, you get a peek into who I am as a brand, what I value and what I hope to provide to my clients. So, what’s your brand language? What do you want to be the go-to for?


A Abracadabra is said to be from the Aramaic 'avra kadavra', meaning 'it will be created in my words'. So I say speak what you want to create, make the unbelievable a reality!  
B Brain-friendly talk  Aiming to follow the 10-minute rule while speaking.
C Co-create a collaboration to achieve the highest success, i.e. interdependence and the self- transforming mind.

Confidence a practice, habit. Not a trait.

Effective Communication a rare phenomenon! Achieved only when there is confirmed understanding. See also: Person of Influence.    
8 C’s of Enduring Power)
D Divergent thinking consider many/all possibilities vs. societal norm of converging on one path/answer.
E Emotional Intelligence (EI)  recognize, understand and manage emotions of the self and others. When emotions run high, they change brain function. EI is critical to learn and practice to become a person of influence.


to attract, captivate, enchant.
G Gravitation degree of attraction, the process of moving under this attraction.
H Human Development  the never-ending cycle of growth UpLevelers embrace.

Head-heart-throat alignment    When what you’re thinking, feeling and speaking all align and flow easily.
Inside-out approach using the 8 C’s of Enduring Power we must address the inside leader as well as the tactical (outside) strategies in order to become a person of influence.
  Innerstand it’s one thing to cognitively understand, it’s quite another to embody that new knowledge and take action with it – that’s innerstanding.   
  Imagineer Buddy Me, your coach! I help you imagine and engineer your next level.
  Influence  the power to sway based on ability… to bring about change. Move emotions
J Joy  Optimal performance requires play. How can you make work fun?
K Keynote  A talk or a central theme of what you do. What’s your keynote topic?  
L Legacy  It’s not what you leave behind, it’s creating and living a life of significance now.
M Making versus taking primarily thinking about networking in the sense of what can we make together vs. what can they provide me.
N Narrative identity we form an identity by integrating our life experiences into an internalized, evolving story that gives us purpose.
O Optimism, the science of   cultivating an optimistic attitude leads to a longer life and more vibrant, creative skills.  
P Peak experiences a moment of sudden insight into life as a powerful unity transcending space, time, and the self. Becoming truly yourself.   
  Person of influence Someone who has 360-degrees of communication confidence to have a positive impact on others around them. Having a strong brand as a leader.
  Power skills Advancing your effective communication ability. 
  Power moves  As defined by Dr. Benjamin Hardy “…aggressive behaviors toward your desired future self….usually out of your comfort zone and require courage.”
Q  Questions from curiosity Asking open-ended questions with the goal to discover, let go of already knowing or passing judgement.
Resonate  to be on the same page, to appreciate, to fit well with.
S Shots of faith  What your UpLevel coach provides you.
  Storytelling a powerful method to influence others that follows a structure and impacts brain chemicals.
  Somatic  using your body to get out of your head and embody a new habit, which empowers you.
T Tribe  your social group to create, collaborate and uplevel with
U Upleveler Someone actively practicing a growth mindset, always striving for a new level of success in one area or another.
V Voice  our #1 tool to use to become a person of influence.
W Wordsmith using words skillfully to shape your message.
X X-factor that special thing that makes you stand out.
  Xenas confident, strong woman
Y Yogic Philosophy principals taken from the yoga sutras that apply to life and business.
Z Zen a much-needed state to recharge and perform optimally
  Zest keen enjoyment, gusto!

So, where do you want your brand to fit into the daily lives of your clients? Building a strong brand language is one of the steps we work on together in my 90-Day program called UpLevel Your Influence. This language just may be the key to your success!

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