Story Products I Know, Like and Trust


In storytelling and story listening, there is a mutual benefit. You benefit from storytelling because you have the opportunity to influence. You benefit from story listening because you have the opportunity to learn... not to mention to build trust

A conversation about storytelling often leads to the "know, like and trust" factor. Recently I thought, "why aren't I sharing about products and services that I know, like and trust?" (Especially those that relate to storytelling.)

After all, I'm …

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The Chemical Kick that Makes Stories Stick

Chemical Kick

I'm fascinated with human behavior. When I go out into the world and have an experience, I typically end up with a story about it.

Sometimes it's a nugget of inspiration like the other night when I witnessed some amazing performances at an open mic night. Ah, such courage and dedication, I thought as I watched the varied performances. Then there's the head-scratching moments, like when I recently told someone I create animated story video and they said, "I'm not sure who really needs that." Um,…

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5 Tips for Business Storytellers

5 Tips Business Storytellers

If you own a business, you have an obligation to tell good stories. As a business owner you, quite frequently, talk to an audience. Whether that's an audience of one or many, it's an audience.

On a daily basis you speak with customers, employees and prospects. Think of the last person you spoke to about work. What category did the conversation fall into?

  • Were you in a training conversation?
  • Were you in a selling conversation?
  • Maybe it was a networking conversation?

Because of your posi…

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This is Your Brain on Story: How and why storytelling works

“If a picture is worth a thousand words
then a story is worth a thousand assurances.”
–  Annette Simmons, The Story Factor

Once upon a time a young woman worked as a marketing professional. Her career spanned 15 years before she found herself working for a toxic boss. The boss regularly verbally attacked members of the team. As a result, eventually a full, 22-person department turn over occurred under that person’s leadership (or lack thereof). The woman in marketing decided that if ever there…

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Cake or Clay? Metaphors in my solopreneur journey


I thought owning my own business would be like making a cake. Being the systematic thinker that I am, my mindset was: I just need to find the right ingredients to business, put them together in the right order with the right quantity, the right conditions… and I’ll end up with a cake that everyone wants.


Not really.

Instead, my solopreneur journey thus far has felt more like a sugar rush with a recipe that wouldn’t rise into what I thought it should be.  

But as the end of 2021 arrive…

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4 Phrases That Kill Your Brand Influence


I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately. If you’re a soloprenuer, coach, or consultant then you know just how important networking is to your success.

The trick to networking is making it effective by elevating your brand. The challenge is, how do you define “effective” networking? Do you think networking is only effective if it results in sales? If you said yes, then I have to blast the buzzer on you and say: EEEE wrong answer! Here’s a story to prove it: 

I recently went to a lunch with…

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How (Socially) Wealthy are You? Create it with Conversational Power


I bet you want to be wealthy. I know I do.

Some might read that as greedy or selfish. That makes me curious…what is your definition of “wealthy”? And how much time do you spend evaluating other types of wealth beyond financial?  

What does Wealth Mean, Really?   

First, we tend to think of wealth as it applies to being financially wealthy. But there are other types. As far as finances go, doesn’t it make logical sense that if your needs are met, then you can more effectively help others? If y…

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Boost Speaking Confidence with a Daily Practice: 4 Ways to Speak with Sway


Most communication coaches and consultants focus on improving public speaking and leadership skills. They may help you prepare for your next big event presentation or lead your team with confidence in meetings.  

But here’s the problem... You get so consumed with what you say and how you say it that you forget who it’s for.

And let me be clear, public speaking is a very valuable skill. And giving a speech in front of an audience can be very powerful for your brand and business. BUT…   


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Level Up Your Brand Power - with The 8 C’s of Enduring Power


As Shakespeare famously wrote, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This, from Romeo and Juliet, is about the fact that names mean what we make them mean, as they did for the Montagues and Capulets. 

So, what is a brand name anyway? Who decides the strength of a brand -- the consumer or the company founder? And how can you improve the strength of your own brand? 

Let’s break it down.


As language evolves and perspective widens…

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Why Clubhouse is Annoying and Amazing + Tips to Boost Your “Talk Power"

Website images

I’m no early adopter but I am interested in exploring new opportunities. So, as Clubhouse started blowing up in popularity recently, I got curious… and an unsolicited invite.

So, I joined, turned notifications on and participated in a few “rooms” to check it out. This audio-only, community-based social media platform does have its advantages:

  • bringing together without the pressure of video, meeting and connecting with people worldwide, getting access to big-name leaders, to name a few.


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