STORY: About critical thinking and questions

Belief can be manipulated

A grade school teacher once told my mom, "Kery just wants things to be fair."

In college, I gravitated toward classes like Intercultural Communication, Women's Studies and Rhetoric. I appreciate the differences in people. It just hurt my heart when I saw injustice in the world. And I had a desire to do something about it. What? I didn't know... but something. 

So, while I was in college I looked for ways to further the cause of fairness. In one such instance I volunteered for the Anti Defama…

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The Chemical Kick that Makes Stories Stick

Chemical Kick

I'm fascinated with human behavior. When I go out into the world and have an experience, I typically end up with a story about it.

Sometimes it's a nugget of inspiration like the other night when I witnessed some amazing performances at an open mic night. Ah, such courage and dedication, I thought as I watched the varied performances. Then there's the head-scratching moments, like when I recently told someone I create animated story video and they said, "I'm not sure who really needs that." Um,…

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5 Tips for Business Storytellers

5 Tips Business Storytellers

If you own a business, you have an obligation to tell good stories. As a business owner you, quite frequently, talk to an audience. Whether that's an audience of one or many, it's an audience.

On a daily basis you speak with customers, employees and prospects. Think of the last person you spoke to about work. What category did the conversation fall into?

  • Were you in a training conversation?
  • Were you in a selling conversation?
  • Maybe it was a networking conversation?

Because of your posi…

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This is Your Brain on Story: How and why storytelling works

“If a picture is worth a thousand words
then a story is worth a thousand assurances.”
–  Annette Simmons, The Story Factor

Once upon a time a young woman worked as a marketing professional. Her career spanned 15 years before she found herself working for a toxic boss. The boss regularly verbally attacked members of the team. As a result, eventually a full, 22-person department turn over occurred under that person’s leadership (or lack thereof). The woman in marketing decided that if ever there…

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Increase Confidence on Video: Define your Brand Personality


When I was a copywriter, I had to learn to switch voices depending on which brand I was writing for at the time. To do this, I liked to visualize putting on a certain hat that matched the voice of the brand. In other words, does this brand wear a fedora, a baseball cap or a top hat? There is a personality in a brand. It provides a way for us to differentiate and show our uniqueness.

Video provides a medium to literally hear a voice and see a personality – and if it fits, perhaps wear an actual …

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Progress or Momentum: What Solopreneurs Need Most


A few months ago, I was feeling a little stagnant in my business. While progress had happened, momentum felt stalled. There I was sighing loudly while staring at my computer screen thinking, "this just isn't working!" Then, I had an ah-ha moment.

I thought to myself, "Where have I been effective in the past? What has yielded results? What problem do I know I can help others solve?" After pondering those few questions, it dawned on me. "Promotional campaigns!" 

In my marketing career I managed …

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Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next BIG Promotion


If you’re a creative coach or consultant you might be excited to launch your website, workshop, podcast, book or new offer. After you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and energy in creating your beloved product, service or creative project you click “go live” and wait. 

You likely post about it on all of your social media channels and exhale with relief and a sense of accomplishment, only to notice a disappointing response. As the days go by you quit talking about it – it feels so self-serving to…

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5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Services + Feel Good About It!


It’s all too common for me to hear, “ugh, I don’t like marketing myself.” Why is this so common among solopreneurs, consultants or business owners?  

It reminds me of that scene in Jerry Maguire where the newly-solo sports agent is desperately trying to sign a big football star, Cushman. They’re in a hotel room and Cushman sees himself on the jumbotron and says, “I’m sick of me already, I’ve got Cush-lash.” 

Sometimes we as business owners can get tired of touting our own business. Maybe it fe…

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The Cost of Low Influence


When you hear the word “influence” you may think of influencer marketing but that is just one context.

If you are a leader of others or a business owner/entrepreneur – especially one where you are the brand – then you may want to focus on your influence. Why? Because I speak to leaders all the time who say things like:

  • "I feel like my (brand) story is unclear"
  • "I’ve got next-level challenges in my business now" (i.e. growth)
  • "I’m not feeling confident" (in a new area)   
  • "I want those ar…

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11 Fear Traps to Avoid When Creating Business


Be afraid, be very afraid… when trying something new. This is how your brain thinks naturally, due to survival mechanisms. Now add on top of that, a global pandemic, job insecurity, a changing economy and small businesses failing. All of these are just a few sources of stress we face in 2021.  

It’s no wonder a common theme coming up in coaching conversations I’ve had lately is fear. Here are just a few examples:

  • “Fear is holding me back.”
  • “I’m scared of the overhead of a business.”
  • “I’m a…

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