5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Services + Feel Good About It!


It’s all too common for me to hear, “ugh, I don’t like marketing myself.” Why is this so common among solopreneurs, consultants or business owners?  

It reminds me of that scene in Jerry Maguire where the newly-solo sports agent is desperately trying to sign a big football star, Cushman. They’re in a hotel room and Cushman sees himself on the jumbotron and says, “I’m sick of me already, I’ve got Cush-lash.” 

Sometimes we as business owners can get tired of touting our own business. Maybe it feels self-serving, selfish or too “all about me.” This feeling is understandable considering that we live in the age of “influencers” when everyone is selling something online.  

But marketing ourselves is essential. If we don’t share what we’re up to, how will people find us? And in a busy sea of constant information the need to remind them who we are and what we do is ever present.

First, let’s get rid of that “icky” feeling you may have about self-promotion and/or marketing your business. Let’s reframe our mindset...

If you feel like promoting what you’re doing for business is making you look self-absorbed, reframe that story. Think about it like this… Sharing what you do clearly is positioning your brand in a strategic and smart way. Because without an offer, a clear call to action, you’re just wasting time. And if it does appear you are wasting time showing up online -- then that is the self-serving image you are trying to avoid!   

One client of mine who wanted to improve her public speaking told me, "I don't like being the center of attention, when I do public speaking it's all about me." I challenged that belief and told her, "actually public speaking is about the public, your audience. As the speaker, you are just the vehicle for the message." That seemed to really help her change her perspective. So, how might you re-define self-promotion? The way we think about something will impact how we approach it, so that’s an important first step.  

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Self-Promote and Feel Good about it:

  1. Get a Fresh Perspective. Ask a former client, or anyone who knows you for that matter, to share with you one way you helped them in the past. Then, like a journalist, report on it. Share a video or testimonial post. If you have a current offer that relates, great! Include a call to action, so the reader/listener knows how to interact with you.

  2. Promote Your Impact (not yourself). In other words, what are some tangible results you’ve achieved? Who did those results help and how? Tell a true story about what happened in a specific instance. Create an offer of how you can provide those results to your audience. This is valuable! It’s how you help others – it’s not about you. Instead, you’re making it all about them.

  3. Depersonalize It. When you are promoting your next creative project, your work, your services, etc…. at the core of it, is you. So, it can be difficult to take “you” out of the equation. But what if you were helping someone else promote that project? How might you approach it? If you know what you’re promoting is a great value, then talk about that value of what it will do for them. In your promotion, share the great benefits they get out of choosing this product or service.

  4. Partner Up. Promote yourself while promoting others. This is a great way to use video! Find a partner, have a pre-video discussion to create value for your audience(s) and loosely plan your interview conversation. Create a live video (or prerecorded if you prefer) to share on your preferred social media platform. Make sure you both share a bit about yourself and what you do. Don’t forget to share that video with your email list or with individuals who may find it useful.

  5. Tackle Overwhelm, Get Organized. Creating a promotion plan can be A LOT! There are many elements and deadlines to manage. I say, simplify it. Create a loose plan, brainstorm a concept, create an offer, create a few materials and set deadlines for yourself on a calendar. This is a campaign to remind people over a period of time what you do and why they should consider it right now. Most importantly, be consistent and have a clear call to action.

So, is there such a thing as a ‘humble’ self-promoter? I say, YES! Promoting the great services and products you have to offer is part of the gig as a business owner and it's helping your audience by doing so.  

If you’re not promoting, you’ve got to hire someone else to do it. Let’s say you’re not ready to outsource that function fully yet, but you know you could use some strategic help to ensure you get the most out of your marketing or freelance creators. 

The next time you are launching something new (be it a creative project like a book, podcast, or an event or a new offer or service) let’s chat! I can help you create a more successful launch with an easily-executable promotional plan for FREE. So, what are you waiting for? Email me here.     

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