Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Next BIG Promotion


If you’re a creative coach or consultant you might be excited to launch your website, workshop, podcast, book or new offer. After you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and energy in creating your beloved product, service or creative project you click “go live” and wait. 

You likely post about it on all of your social media channels and exhale with relief and a sense of accomplishment, only to notice a disappointing response. As the days go by you quit talking about it – it feels so self-serving to continue sharing the same thing. Maybe there’s a trickle of registrations or sign ups but you can’t help but think, “What the heck!? Where are they?

You expected a warmer response. Ugh, that’s a hit to the ole ego. People ask you, “how’s it going?” You put up a brave face but inside you’re wondering if you should even be doing this at all!    

When I speak to coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs they know this routine all too well. And in hindsight many will admit, “I know I didn’t promote it enough.” So, how can you make sure you don’t make these same mistakes again? How can you ensure your next launch is a success? There are lots of tactical ways to do this (more on that later) but first let’s eliminate the common mistakes:

  • Don’t be vague: Know who, what, where and how, by answering these 4 important questions. When you know the answers to these questions you get focused and clear, which makes promoting easier. Who are you targeting for this promotion? Where do they hang out? And how will you reach them? What problem can you help them solve?

  • Don’t be singular – I call this the “Billboards Only” approach. Don't fall into that trap! See, an effective promotion has various types of channels. When I ran promotional campaigns for organizations I would buy print, outdoor (like billboards and bus benches), in store, digital, etc. AND I would make use of all the free channels we had (i.e. our website, email list, social media, etc). Don’t be singular in your action by only posting to social media and walking away. Instead, choose a blended approach and use a variety of channels to reach your audience.  

  • Don’t be random – secure an online identity for your promotion. Buy a promotion-specific domain that makes it easy to share and remember. This makes tracking easier too.

  • Don’t wing it – Think it though in advance and have a plan. Brainstorm what’s possible, get creative and be unique. Lay out a comprehensive strategic plan of what you need (and by when) to effectively promote it. Get someone to help you – it makes it more fun!

  • Don’t be short sighted – it takes time to effectively promote. Don’t sabotage yourself  by cutting the promotional window. Some coaches tell me they promoted something new over a week and it failed. Of course it did! Give yourself at least a 4-week window   for promotion alone for one new offer.

  • Don’t be features-only – Bring some emotion. Share your story. Why can you help them now? Consider creating a short video to introduce yourself and share the story of how you have helped others solve this specific problem.

When you create your products and services you put your heart and soul into ensuring they have value for your customers. That same energy can be applied to your promotional campaign. Imagine what you could do if you avoided these pitfalls next time. How many more people might you reach if you promoted it with a strategy for success?

Not sure where to begin with promotion for your next launch? I can help you set yourself up for success! Email me today and I'll send you a free 9-step guide!  

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