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In storytelling and story listening, there is a mutual benefit. You benefit from storytelling because you have the opportunity to influence. You benefit from story listening because you have the opportunity to learn... not to mention to build trust

A conversation about storytelling often leads to the "know, like and trust" factor. Recently I thought, "why aren't I sharing about products and services that I know, like and trust?" (Especially those that relate to storytelling.)

After all, I'm a bit of learning junkie and I've found things I like and are helpful in storytelling so why not share them in a mutually beneficial way?     

It's natural to share about things you like. When was the last time you shared something you liked with someone you know? A favorite restaurant, a household item or maybe a car brand? I'd bet it was recent! 

So, here I am starting to share more of what I "know, like and trust" in the category of story creation and storytelling.  

Perhaps I'll update this article as I find things that are helpful... 

#1 Story How-To: This Deck is for You   

I recently found an amazing tool called the Story Tactics deck by PipDecks. So far, I've love the card deck for building engaging presentations (and more). There are a number of tools, tips and tactics in each deck. If you'd like to learn more about how to use it, I'll be using the deck on my YouTube channel so don't forget to subscribe and let me know what you think of my videos! If you're already sold on the idea of using this deck for yourself, you can get 15% OFF by using the code: KERY45838.  

#2 Your Story Needs a Mic   

With so many working on video calls these days, it's time to get a microphone. And no, your AirPods aren't good enough. Having an external  microphone cuts out ambient background noise which can cause annoying delays when you are on a video call. 

Having a microphone is no longer a nice-to-have accessory, it's a necessity. You don't have to be a podcaster to have a microphone. But if you ever want to be on a podcast as a guest, having a microphone is often required. And it certainly makes you appear more professional and creates a better quality podcast episode, which the host will thank you for.

This was my entry-level microphone I used for years. It's a simple USB plug in so it's very accessible and not a big investment ($50 at the time of this writing). Click here to get yours:  

#3 Why didn't I write this? The Best Book on "Story" yet!

I've read a number of books on storytelling. But this book feels like an extension of me. When I saw the title my gut reaction was: "This is the book I should have, could have, (wish-I-would-have) written myself!" It's called, "Business Storytelling from Hype to Hack: How Do Stories Work? Unlock the Software of the Mind." I have taken much inspiration and several quotes from this book recently as I have done some speaking about storytelling. For instance, I love that he mentions how "story is what clicks, sticks and has a chemical kick." That stands out! What does it mean? For me, the details of this catchy phrase are:  

  • Stories click because they are relatable. It's a step in getting to know and like each other. 
  • Stories stick because they are what make you memorable. Our brains crave stories, in story form. 
  • Stories have a chemical kick because we have measurable physiological responses in our brain and body when we hear a story (in story form).  

Get your copy here: 

That's it for now... updates may follow as my story continues...   :) 

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