YouTube Relaunch: Won't You Be My Subscriber? (for Storytelling Tips)


Subscribing to a YouTube channel is like joining a neighborhood. It's like saying "yes" to seeing each other regularly and having conversations (in the comments).  

It reminds me so much of a community that I feel like I'm channeling Mr. Rogers when I ask, "Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for tips on storytelling."  

Previously, under a different iteration of my business, I created YouTube videos. I learned a lot. I experimented enough to know there's a knack to really taking on YouTube. It can be a full-time job if you're really going to "do" YouTube and try to get a return on investment. After some learning a few years back, my views went from 100's to 1000's and I got my first hater. (They say you've really made it when you get your first hater.) ;) 

So, when I started niching into animated story videos for business, I decided to just use YouTube to archive work. But as I focus in on video and storytelling it seems like a natural progression to be "doing" YouTube again. 

But ah, the resistance reared its ugly head. I caught myself thinking, "Ugh, YouTube again?! That sounds like a heavy lift right now." 

The downward spiral of overwhelm continued with, "What about creating a trailer, what about playlists and niching and research and SEO." That devil of doubt really had some opinions and wasn't afraid to share them. What a blabbermouth

But then the little angel of possibility pipped up and reminded me, "What about just starting before you're ready? What about being imperfect and just hitting record, could you start there?"

Sure, I can. I can learn by doing. You gain more from action than analyzing.

Plus, a lot has changed since I was "doing" YouTube to grow a channel. There's more to learn... always. 

So, as I try not to dip into the sea of overwhelm, my aim will be to enjoy learning all the things as I go.  

What should you know about taking on YouTube and building a channel to get an ROI?

Some of those things include: 

  • Keyword research 
  • CTR - click through ratios
  • Viewer retention - throughout the whole video
  • Ranking high in search results 
  • SEO optimization of titles and descriptions 
  • A formula for the flow of your video 
  • Developing client-capturing content 
  • Technology (Chrome extensions like TubeBuddy and AI editing tools, etc) 

My goal on this version of a YouTube channel is to share what I know about storytelling for business, provide client examples of our animated story videos and of course have some fun while doing it. 

So here I am, much like Mr. Rogers asking, "won't you be my subscriber?" Join my neighborhood here

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