Why (and How) Use Animated Video in Customer Onboarding


I once went to a chiropractor who had a very impressive onboarding process. As soon as I said "yes" to his services, the onboarding process began.

First, I had an evening orientation event to attend. I recall them having a few rows of chairs set up in their small lobby. We watched a video --  likely about value of chiropractic. They shared testimonials about results they've seen in their patients. We got our paperwork and scheduled first appointments.  

Next, at my first appointment I learned how to check in at future appointments. They had a system.

Then when I went into the treatment room, I was told to take a paper covering to the table and lie down face first so when the doctor came in we didn't have to waste time looking each other in the eye (I was never a fan of that part, obviously).

Like little soldiers we were trained how to clean up the room after our treatment (in other words, throw the paper covering away).

It was a system!

Effective? Sure. Overall, I was impressed.

I could see that the more efficient they made their process, the more patients they could see each day and the more results they could help people achieve. Their process didn't stop there either. They also made an organized effort to gather and distribute testimonials from their clients. Those stories lined the walls, constantly reminding us -- hey, this works so stick around!   

The problem with customer onboarding though... 

Most businesses don't take the time to create a systemized onboarding process. In fact, over 90% of customers feel that the companies they buy from ‘could do better’ when it comes to onboarding new users/customers

So, is your business part of the 90% who mess it up or are you part of the 10% that onboard new clients effectively?

  • Do your customers understand why you work the way you do?
  • Do they know why you're better than your competition?
  • Are they such raving fans after working with you that they want to write you a positive review
  • Do you retain them... do they come back for more? 

Most business owners are too busy chasing leads, closing sales, hiring, doing accounting and managing people to create a "new customer onboarding process."  

That's where animated videos can help! But first... 

What do we mean by "onboarding" anyway?

I'm a big believer in defining terms. The word "onboarding" is often used regarding employee onboarding. But you also hear the term customer (or client) onboarding. Both contexts mean bringing a new person into the fold.   

Databox defines client onboarding as, "familiarizing clients with your processes, addressing their concerns or questions, sharing guides and resources to help them make the best of your services, and building essential customer relationships." 

As a business owner, the clearer you are with your customers (and the more they understand) the more successful your business can be.  

How Onboarding Video Helps Business: 

How often do business owners have complaints about their clients? I hear them in conversations often. Why is that? Many times it's because they failed to set clear expectations, explain their process or educate about their business or industry.

In your business, you're the expert. Are you taking for granted what your clients already know (or more accurately... don't know)?

If clients don't understand (even when you've verbalized something to them) they end up disappointed and that's just not good for business.  

But the good news is: 97% of people believe video is an effective tool to welcome and educate new customers.  

When I'm asked, "How do you use an onboarding video?" Here are a few suggestions I typically share:  

  • Explain a service, concept, brand, company or message
  • Educate new users on how/why it works this way 
  • Inspire prospects to purchase your service, show the impact of your service 
  • Differentiate your uniqueness and credibility in your industry 
  • Provide a good customer experience, so they are more likely to recommend 
  • Attract new customers by educating them on your value 
  • Improve customer retention because when they understand, they're more likely to be happy and return. 

There are many more opportunities to use video during your client onboarding process. Each time I talk to a business owner I learn of a new way to apply it. For instance, recently I spoke to a successful business owner who wants to scale and reduce some of the misconceptions about his industry as well as differentiate his uniqueness. Yes, there's a video for that!   

Creating an onboarding process is the classic example of taking the time to work ON your business to make it more effective, rather than solely working IN your business with day-to-day responsibilities. 

The Cost of Poor Customer Onboarding

If you run a business or have worked in marketing (like I have) you know that the cost of acquiring a new customer is expensive! That's why customer retention and loyalty are such a big deal. Here are a few more reasons why onboarding your customers effectively impacts your bottom line.  

  • 70% of customers say understanding how they use products and services is very important to winning their business. (Salesforce)
  • 70% of consumers make a purchase decision based on the quality of customer service they receive. (Zendesk)
  • Acquiring new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. (Invesp)
  • 86% of people say they’d be more likely to stay loyal to a business that invests in onboarding content that welcomes and educates them after they’ve bought.

The How: Steps in a Customer Onboarding Process 

Each time you work with a new customer you have certain things to do. Many times those things are best completed in a certain order. An example of an onboarding process might look like this: 

  1. Make a payment and sign the agreement
  2. Receive a welcome package 
  3. Fill out a questionnaire 
  4. Schedule and conduct a kickoff call 
  5. Launch your project 
  6. Book a follow-up call  
  7. Ask for a review 

There are multiple videos that could be incorporated into this process that would improve effective understanding for customers.    

When asked how they feel companies could improve onboarding, 69% of people say that they feel more video should be used

For more statistics on the client onboarding process check this out.   

And if you're ready to incorporate animated videos into your onboarding process, send an email to get started. 

WATCH A BRIEF VIDEO with a few highlights from this blog:  


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