Audience Psychology for Business Success (Using Animated Video)

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Recently in a networking conversation, after I introduced myself someone said, "Animated video? That sounds juvenile." Well, I beg to differ.  

How do you win hearts and minds in a time when everyone is selling something (constantly)?

When it comes to marketing your business, you can easily be a stuffed shirt. Just do what everyone else does... advertise, promote, tell them verbally. 

Or, you can be unique

You can entertain just as much as you persuade. You can ask questions, listen and be engaging. 

And that's how animated videos can work for business. 

Using animation to communicate an important message is unexpected. And that -- gains attention. 

Telling a relatable story gives you the ability to reach an audience in an authentic way. 

With animated video storytelling, you can engage, inspire and influence consumers on a psychological level. Here are a few ways this works: 

  1. Capture Attention 

Animation has a unique ability to captivate attention. Using vibrant colors, movement and imaginative worlds draws viewers into a different reality. Psychologically, this leads to increased engagement, as animated characters often evoke emotions. Using this can create brand loyalty and trust. When people feel emotionally invested, they are more likely to forge a lasting bond with the brand behind the video.  

  1. Simplify Concepts

In the age of information overload, it's a struggle to communicate complex ideas effectively. Animation, offers a unique solution because visuals and stories are universally understood! Taking a different approach helps break down complexities into easily digestible pieces of information. The human brain is wired to process visual information faster so animation is an ideal tool for simplification. Animation can engage audiences on a cognitive level, ensuring that the intended message is not only understood but retained for a long time.

  1. Relate and Empathize

Effective marketing is all about building connections, and animation can help businesses foster empathy with people. Animated characters can embody human-like traits, so viewers see themselves reflected in the stories being told. This feeling of familiarity creates a sense of kinship, and consumers are more likely to trust and identify with a brand that recognizes and understands their needs.

  1. Gently Persuade 

Psychologists have long studied the power of storytelling as a persuasive tool. When animation tells compelling stories, it can be a persuasive force that nudges people toward specific actions.

Businesses can harness this power to influence using animation because as clients have told me, animation is disarming. It doesn't feel like "sales" material but instead approaches it in an educational and entertaining way.

5. Be Memorable

In a world where we are constantly bombard with advertising, your business faces the challenge of standing out. Animation can help you create a distinct and memorable brand. 

Animated characters can become synonymous with your brand. So when people think about your industry, they think about you! Maybe you're thinking of one that stands out to you right now... 

Using animation in your business is all about meeting your clients and prospects where they are at right now. It's about relating to their story.  

It is not juvenile. 

It's human psychology. 

And psychology is marketing.

What's your current video strategy? Have you told your brand story in a professionally-produced video? Have you created your ideal client journey so prospects understand your value? Do you have a video strategy at all?  

If you'd like to create one, I'd be happy to help for FREE. Book your FREE 60-minute strategy consult on Zoom right here.  

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