A Gift of Strategic Holiday Marketing: Beyond Discounts

Holiday Marketing

Holidays aren't just about festive decorations and joyful celebrations. They also offer a prime opportunity for businesses to elevate their marketing!  While discounts and promotions have their place, there's much more to leveraging holidays for marketing than meets the eye.

Here, I wanted to share five tips on how to best harness the power of marketing during holidays, beyond predictable discounts. And I did a mini brainstorm on a few not-so-obvious holidays to get you started on how to include various holidays on your marketing editorial calendar. 

Five Tips for Holiday Marketing:

  1. Storytelling and Brand Narratives:

Holidays provide the perfect backdrop for storytelling and building brand narratives. Instead of bombarding your audience with promotional content, craft stories that resonate with the essence of the holiday. Whether it's a heartwarming tale of community engagement during Thanksgiving or a story of resilience and growth for New Year’s, connecting emotionally with your audience can leave a lasting impression.

  1. Educational Content and Tutorials:

Consider using holidays as an opportunity to educate your audience. Create content that provides value and enhances their holiday experience. For instance, a kitchen appliance company could share cooking tips and recipes during Thanksgiving, while a tech company might offer tutorials on capturing stunning holiday photos. Don't be afraid to get quirky, if that fits your tone. The key is to position your brand as an expert. 

  1. Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

Many holidays revolve around the spirit of giving and community. Use this as a chance to showcase your company's commitment to social responsibility. Sponsor a local event, initiate a charity drive or highlight the stories of employees involved in community service. This not only strengthens your brand image but also builds a sense of trust and loyalty.

  1. Themed Limited-Edition Products:

Instead of simply slashing prices, create limited-edition holiday-themed products. This not only adds exclusivity but also taps into the sense of collectibility that holidays often evoke. Collaborate with local artists or designers to infuse a unique touch into these special releases. The scarcity of such items can drive excitement and create urgency all of which is sure to boost sales. 

  1. Interactive and User-Generated Content Campaigns:

Encourage your audience of customers (and prospects) to actively participate in your holiday campaigns. Create interactive contests, challenges or polls related to the holiday spirit. Ask users to share their holiday traditions, photos or stories. You might even feature the best submissions on your social platforms. This will drive user engagement, which in turn helps increase awareness of your brand and business.  

Not-So-Obvious Holidays for Your Marketing Calendar:

Of course, November and December are what we traditionally think of as "the holiday season." But being creative with the holidays that exist will help you find a tie-in to your brand and business no matter what it is. Try searching for obscure holidays and invent your own holiday to add to your marketing editorial calendar. Doing so, will help you stand out form the crowd.  

  1. International Puzzle Day (January 29th)

    An obvious connection is for those in the gaming, toy or educational industries to use this holiday. But you might also use a less obvious business like a CPA who wants his prospects to understand that taxes don't have to be puzzling. You can create interactive content, host online puzzle-solving challenges or even develop limited-edition puzzles related to your brand. 

  2. Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17):

    A more generic type of headline sure to bring about the warm and fuzzies. On that note, a nonprofit who saves animals might create a marketing campaign to raise funds or donate supplies. Being behind a holiday to create more goodwill in the world will illustrate your values as a company. Ideas might include sharing stories of kindness, encouraging customers to perform a kindness or even use it for your annual charitable giving campaign.

  3. National Pet Day (April 11):

    We all love our pets -- sometimes more than family! The obvious tie is for any pet-related businesses who might choose to create content around pet care tips, feature customer's pets or launch pet-themed products. But office workers who bring their pets to work might also find a tie-in to their businesses. Think outside the box. Anytime you can be surprising yet still make it make sense, it'll make for a good campaign. 

  4. World Environment Day (June 5):

    Showcase your company's commitment to environmental responsibility, launch green initiatives or educate your audience on eco-friendly practices. Great for any company with an eco-friendly or sustainable brand. 

  5. National Book Lovers Day (August 9):

    Love literacy? Promote education? Use this holiday to create reading lists, host virtual book clubs or offer a book-related give away. The clear choice would be for a book store or library but really could be for any business with a literary focus. 

  6. International Coffee Day (October 1):

    Perfect for coffee shops, cafes or brands related to the beverage industry. Share interesting facts about coffee or host a coffee tasting or create a new flavored latte available for a limited time. Again, consider taking on a new angle to widen the theme to anything that "perks" you up or "percolates" ideas.  

In the world of marketing, holidays present a treasure trove of opportunities that extend far beyond the allure of discounts. Including some obscure holidays can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your marketing promotions. Curious about how to weave this into your overall marketing strategy? Reach out to get started

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