What Does a Producer Do? And why they are good for business

What Does a Producer Do

I'll never forget when I was working on a video shoot with a friend and he turned to me and said, "you're a producer!" I was like, "Cool!" And then had to let it sink in a bit. Even me, someone who took video and TV production in college and has produced video in my many marketing roles... I had to think about what that label really meant.  

Since I have been talking more about video production with clients and prospects, I thought now might be a good time to clarify what a "producer" actually does.  

What Does a Producer Do?

At its core, the role of a producer includes the creation and development of a project. In terms of marketing, the project is often the the creation of a video. Producers bring together creative and logistical elements in order to bring an idea to life. 

In today's point-and-shoot society, with a camera in every pocket this role might be overlooked. But don't make that mistake when it comes to creating a professional video project. 

Producing a polished video that tells a story, involves many steps. From understanding the business goals, to getting to know the client's business model and understanding how to move prospects into action, your producer will need to attend to them all. 

To do that, they'll ask you a lot of questions. They will need to get to know you and your business on a deeper level. 

Video producers also often secure a client (sales), locate a creative crew to shoot the video (hiring), coordinating the schedule of the shoot and ensuring we stay on budget and on deadline (project management). 

Effective producers need to be creative, use their leadership skills and business expertise. Producers need to work with creative professionals that may not be as informed about the business side of things. And when your producer has business expertise it ensures they will push for meeting their client's goals and objectives. 

Essentially, being a producer involves taking a project from idea to completion and the many steps in between.  

The Producer in Video Production Projects

In the realm of video production for businesses, including commercials and corporate storytelling, producers play a critical role in making sure the video fulfills marketing goals. It's one thing to create a good-looking video. But the message is paramount!

Video production projects often require a focus on efficiency, so being sure to get the right shots to tell the right story is important. The details matter because it will make for a complete story later in editing. Your producer has to have a big-picture mindset while also taking details into careful consideration.

Delivering a high-quality end product that resonates with the target audience is the goal of a good producer.

So, they must be in tune with understanding the brand’s vision even on the smallest level. For instance, you wouldn't want your producer give direction to the makeup artist to cake on makeup for a business that sells natural skincare products.

Advantages of Working with a Producer for a Business

Working with a producer for business-related video projects puts your business at an advantage. Why? Because a skilled producer will ensure your investment in video is compelling to the audience and matches your brand. Beyond aesthetics, producers ensure that your video is aimed at achieving your business's goals. A professionally-produced video production project should be able to last a business 8 or more years.

Overall, producers can leverage their experience and industry insights to optimize the production process, making efficient use of resources to deliver maximum impact. 

What to Look for in Your Producer (So You Get What You Need)  

As with many roles, to be successful you must have some key skills. A good producer will be detailed and be deadline oriented. They will have the ability to manage time well so that you get what you need during the video shoot. They'll have to have excellent communication and listening skills. After all, they are interviewing those in front of the camera. And listening will be paramount for knowing what soundbites they will be building later during the editing process. 

Producers are critical to a professional video production shoot. It's one thing to know how to construct a shot through the lens or run the equipment, it's another thing to construct a good storyline. The story is what moves your prospects into action. The story is what your video viewers will hear, listen to (or not listen to) and the story is what will make them DO what you want them to do. (i.e. pick up the phone, fill out the form or whatever your call-to-action is). 

It's like marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk says, The best marketers CARE. Your producer should care about your business goals and objectives like you do so your video project is of quality, it lasts and gets people to take action.

That's my goal as a producer. Want to talk about how I can help you meet your business goals with video? Send me an email and let's talk about it. 

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